Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni)


Hepcinat-LP (400mg Sofobuvir/90mg ledipasvir) is used to treat Hepatitis C. Hepcinat-LP is the generic version of Harvoni. It is made by Natco Pharma under a license agreement with Gilead Science. Gilead Science is the maker of Harvoni.

BlueSky offers the entire 3 month normal course of treatment for under $3,500.00 as compared to the U.S. Pharmacy cost of over $90,000. Treatment usually consists of 3, 28 day cycles.  However, before taking Hepcinat-LP or any other medication your personal physician should be consulted.

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What is Hepcinat-LP

Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni) (400mg Sofosbuvir/90mg ledipasvir) treats Hepatitis C. Hepcinat-LP is the generic version of Harvoni. Natco Pharma makes it under a license agreement with Gilead Science. Gilead Science is the maker of Harvoni. Furthermore, Gilead Science is world renowned in the Pharmacy Industry.

USA Services Online offers the entire 3 month normal course of treatment for under $3,500.00.  Compared to the U.S. Pharmacy cost of over $90,000. Treatment usually consists of 3, 28 day cycles.  However, before taking Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni) or any other medication your personal physician should be consulted.

Natco Pharma, the makers of Hepcinat-LP was the first company to develop the generic version of Harvoni. Since, the development of Hepcinat-LP, there is now an affordable treatment for Hepatitis C. Obviously, not everyone is able to afford the $90,000 outrageously high cost of Harvoni Hepcinat-LP.  In fact Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni) is so effective that many patients fly overseas at an additional high costs to purchase Hepcinat-LP.

How Does Hepcinat-LP work?

Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni) is a generic version of Harvoni created by Natco Pharma used for the treatment of Hepatitis C. It is widely known as the most effective chronic Hepatitis C treatment.

Hepcinat-LP is comprised of 90 mg of ledipasvir and 400 mg of sofosbuvir.  Therefore, it manages on itself to cure roughly 90% of hepatitis C patients.

Sofosbuvir mechanism of action is simple enough. Hepatitis C is a virus disease, and virus needs to reproduce in order to survive. Sofosbuvir inhibits viral reproduction of the new virus as an inhibiting building block. Virus needs RNA molecule to reproduce, and sofosbuvir prevents this RNA molecule from forming.

What makes Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni) more effective is addition of molecule ledipasvir to sofosbuvir. How Harvoni works is largely based on how sofosbuvir works; but the additional 9% in cure rate is because of ledipasvir mechanism of action.

Furthermore, it’s mechanism of action is similar to sofosbuvir’s. Ledipasvir targets a molecule inside hepatitis C virus. The molecule is  phosphoprotein NS5A. It is responsible for virus replication and construction. By targeting and inhibiting this protein, hepatitis C virus is powerless to replicate. Our immune system then kills the Hepatitis C virus.

It is also noteworthy that treatment with Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni) does not need interferon; which in needed is some treatment cases with Sovaldi (drug only with sofosbuvir). This means that patients don’t have to use needles for interferon administration on daily basis.

As a result, Sofosbuvir and ledipasvir work synergistically to weaken hepatitis C replication. This weakens the virus. Immune system does the rest.

What is the Cost Savings?

Now you can purchase Hepcinat-LP (Generic Harvoni) without the high cost of flying overseas. A savings of over $4,000.00 for travel alone, plus the $90,000 cost of the pills.