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Asthalin Inhaler

Buy Asthalin Inhaler online by Cipla Ltd. it contains Salbutamol 100mcg. These Asthma Inhalers are one of the most desired products made by Cipla Ltd. It assists in the prevention and relief of bronchospasms from Chronic bronchitis and  Asthma. A bronchospasm occurs when the muscles that line the airways of the lungs constrict or tighten, reducing airflow by 15% or more. Asthalin Inhalers can also treat exercise induced bronchospasms and various other triggers of bronchospasms. In short, it is commonly referred to as the Blue Inhaler. USA Services has Inhalers for sale. You can now buy Cheap Asthma Inhalers – Asthalin online at USA Services. See Bronchospasm.

It is a bronchodilator. Albuterol is in a class of drugs called bronchodilators. It is the blue inhaler. Cipla is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies which manufacture the generic version – Salbutamol. Salbutamol is Generic Albuterol. It is a quick-relief medication for Asthma relief and Allergic Asthma. It is also known as the Blue Inhaler.

What are Inhalers and how do they work?

Inhalers or Bronchodilators consist of medicine that is breathed in the mouth into the lungs. This helps to relax the muscles that have tightened around your airways This medicine helps to open your airways and allows air to move in and out more freely.

When someone has Asthma, the use an Inhaler during an Asthma attack when their airways swell and become narrow. Attacks commonly cause coughing, wheezing and difficulty breathing. As some point, almost everyone with Asthma will use an Inhaler.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a breathing problem cause by inflammation or swelling of the passageways of the lungs. While there is no cure, Asthma can be controlled and prevented. When someone has Asthma the lung passageways are very sensitive. As a result, many things can trigger an episode. These are also referred to as Asthma triggers. Every person can have different triggers. Common triggers are pet hair, pollen and common dust.

Common Asthma signs or complaints:

Wheezing – this is the sound, often high-pitched that comes from the lungs of someone suffering from Asthma. It is caused by air trying to move thru the narrowed passageways of someone with Asthma.

Feeling of tightness in Chest – often caused by shortness of breath and frequent coughing when Asthma is no controlled.

What is an Asthma Attack?

An Asthma attack is when there are greatly increased asthma symptoms. The can can come quickly and be mild or quite severe. During an Asthma attack the lining of the lung passageways swell making airflow difficult. Your muscle then tighten and this makes breathing even more difficult.  This can be controlled and prevented with an Asthalin Inhaler.

Normal Lung

Lung with Asthma

What is an Asthalin Inhaler? 

It is an Inhaler that contains Salbutamol 100mcg. Salbutamol, is the active ingredient in the Ashtalin Inhaler. Salbutamol is the generic name for Albuterol. It reliefs symptoms by opening up the airways of the lungs in order to make breathing easier.

Which Inhaler is right for you?

Asthma Inhalers are portable, hand-held devices that bring medication to your lungs. There are a myriad of Inhalers available to relieve you of Asthma symptoms. In order to prevent or treat Asthma attacks you need to find the right one and use it correctly.

Finding the a balance between the correct type of Inhaler and the correct medication for your condition is the key. Also, instructions from your health care provider or Doctor is essential in the proper use of the inhaler that you choose. And USA Services has cheap Asthma Inhalers available for shipment right to your door.

-Metered Dose Inhalers

These type of Inhalers are a pressurized canister which contains the medication in a L-shaped plastic mouthpiece. In the majority of metered dose Inhalers, the medication is released when you press down on the cannister.

-Dry Power Inhalers

Different than Metered Dose Inhalers, these Inhalers release the medication when you breathe in deeply and quickly.

-Soft Mist Inhalers

Unlike metered dose inhalers, Soft Mist Inhalers are propellant free and are slightly larger than regular metered dose inhalers.

See: Asthma Inhalers: Which one’s right for you?

What is the strength of the Inhalers for sale?

Asthma Inhaler (Generic Salbutamol) contains an active ingredient, Salbutamol 100 mcg. It is the generic Albuterol. As a result, is the leading medication for the treatment of Asthma and Allergic Asthma.

-How do I use the Inhaler?

Shake the Blue Inhaler properly before use. Press down on the inhaler one time to release the medication. After that, breath in from the mouth, and hold your breath for 10 seconds. Repeat as directed by your Doctor. After, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and spit it out.

When not to use an Asthma Inhaler?

You should avoid Salbutamol if you:

  • -Drink Alcohol or take other drugs.
  • -Are Pregnant/Conceiving/Breastfeeding.
  • -Experience Heart Problems.
  • -Have Hypertension or have an overactive Thyroid Gland

  • Always discuss your medications with your doctor especially when you are going to take some new medicines.

-How much to use?

You should inhale for asthma relief as your doctor has directed. Moreover, Patients should always follow their doctor’s instructions for the dosage.

Why should you buy an Asthalin Inhaler by Cipla online with USA Services?

First, we make ordering online easy and secure. Once you have decide to buy our Asthalin Inhaler by Cipla you add it to your shopping cart. Once you have found all the products that you desire you checkout. Then you choose your payment method and the ordering process is complete. You are basically buying your Asthma Inhaler over the counter without leaving your home. We have Asthma inhalers for sale and they are  available for immediate shipment to you.

After that, you will receive an confirmation email letting you know that we have received your order and your payment. If you do not receive the confirmation email please check your spam folder or call us at 888-424-4908.


Asthalin HFA  contains an active ingredient, Salbutamol 100mcg. Salbutamol is the generic Albuterol. In other words, they are simply different proprietary names for essentially the same medication. It treats Asthma and Allergic Asthma. All of the Inhalers for sale are top quality made by Industry leaders. You can buy Asthalin Inhaler online here at USA Services.

Things To Remember
  • Finally, keep out of reach of children. Furthermore, regularly wipe the mouthpiece of Inhaler with a fiber-free tissue/cloth.

  • After that, put the cap on Inhaler after use.

  • FAQ’s
How many puffs does the Asthalin Inhaler have in it?

An Asthalin Inhaler contains 200 puffs.

Who can get Asthma?

Anyone can get Asthma. Age, gender and race do not matter. Asthma can begin in infancy or childhood. And it may seem that children outgrow Asthma but the disease does not really leave. Asthma can also begin anytime during adulthood an even in the senior years of life. Whatever the age, if you think you might have Asthma please see your Doctor or Health Care provider.

Who makes the Asthalin Inhaler?

The Asthma Inhalers for sale are made by Cipla Ltd. of India makes the Asthalin Inhaler.


Always, store the Asthalin Inhaler by Cipla at the cool temperature in dark and dry place. In addition, do not refrigerate.

You can now buy Asthalin Inhaler online here at USA Services. We have sourced the best and most beneficial Inhaler – Asthalin Inhaler by Cipla for your Asthma needs. This Asthma (Salbutamol 100mcg) inhaler has proven effective and has been used by millions world wide. As a result, we have made the ordering process easy and deliver you Inhaler direct to you door.

Furthermore, read more about Asthma

Similarly see, Center for Disease Control Asthma Statistics  CDC Asthma Statistics.

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Cipla Limited

Cipla Limited is an Indian Multinational pharmaceutical company. It entered the US market in 1984. Cipla was the first Indian company to receive US FDA approval. Cipla develops medicines to treat respiratory(Asthma), cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, weight control and depression; and other medical conditions.

Also, Cipla is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CIPLA. Cipla was founded in 1935. Cipla’s portfolio includes over 1500 products with 50 dosage forms across wide range of therapeutic categories. Cipla USA Inc., the US subsidiary of Cipla Limited, is based in Warren, NJ.


In conclusion, any information displayed is solely for purposes of information. Furthermore, said displayed information is not intended to be medical advice. Nor desired to replace or substitute diagnosis, advice or treatment by medical professionals or healthcare providers. If you have any questions regarding any medical condition please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional. Do Not ignore, disregard or delay seeking medical advice or treatment due to something you seen on this website.

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