Cipmox 500 Mg

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Cipmox 500 Mg is the generic form of Amoxycillin. It is used orally to treat bacterial infections. It is made by Cipla Limited, so you are assured of it’s high quality.

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Cipmox 500

Cipmox 500 Mg is the generic form of Amoxycillin. It is used orally to treat bacterial infections including: These include chest infections (including pneumonia), middle ear, sinus and urinary tract. It also treats infections of the skin and dental abscesses.

What is the active ingredient?

Cipmox is a generic version of Amoxycillin. It has the same ingredients as the branded version and is made by Cipla Limited, ensuring high quality.

How does Cipmox 500 work?

Cipmox 500 mg contains Amoxycillin. It kills bacteria causing infections.

How much should you take?

Always follow the instructions of your Doctor or Health Care provider. The basic course of treatment lasts 5 days.

How to consume

Follow your doctor’s instructions when taking Cipmox. Usually, take 2 tablets daily at the same time. Take the pills with water, don’t crush or chew. You can take them with or without food.

What should you avoid when taking?

After taking it you should wait for up to 3 hours before eating or drinking any Dairy products. Also, avoid Grapefruit juice and any dietary supplements that contain calcium because this can weaken the effect. Keep the Cipmox 500 mg in a cool and dry location at normal room temperature of Cipmox.


Always talk to your doctor before taking any new medication. Discuss your medical history and any medications you are taking. Also, inform your doctor of any past heart attack, heart failure or stroke.

Consult your Doctor or Health Care provider before taking Cipmox 500 mg if you have:

Allergy/ Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients
Clostridium difficile-associated Diarrhea
Impaired kidney, heart or liver function
Cipmox can also can render birth control pills less effective

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or plan or getting pregnant consult your doctor before taking Cipmox

Common Side Effects:

Stomach cramps

Back, leg or Stomach pain


Dark stools

Diarrhea. Be sure to drink enough water if Diarrhea occurs to prevent dehydration.


Store the Cipmox 500 mg at room temperature in a place free from humidity. Keep away from children at all times.


Cipla Limited

Cipla Limited is an Indian Multinational pharmaceutical company. It entered the US market in 1984. Cipla was the first Indian company to receive US FDA approval. It develops medicines to treat various medical conditions.

Cipla is a company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It was founded in 1935 and has many products in various categories. Cipla USA Inc. is the US branch of Cipla Limited and is based in Warren, NJ.


The information shown here is only for informational purposes. It is not meant to replace advice or treatment from medical professionals. If you have any questions about a medical condition, please consult a qualified medical professional. Do not ignore or delay seeking medical advice or treatment because of something you read on this website.

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