Phallus Power 160mg


Phallus Power 160mg is the extra strong chewable tablet used for Erectile Dysfunction. When chewed the 160mg of Sildenafil becomes rapidly active for the fast relief from Erectile Dysfunction.

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Phallus Power 160mg

Phallus Power is a Viagra Chewable tablet taken to stop the effects of Erectile Dysfunction. It contains a stronger dosage, 160mg, than the standard 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate. And Because it is a Chewable Tablet it enters your system quicker for a much faster reaction than standard tablets which are swallowed.

For those men in seek of a solution with more power, USA Services offers Phallus Power 160mg at the lowest USA prices with delivery to your doorstep.

How does it work?

Phallus Power is made with an extra dosage of Sildenafil Citrate as the active ingredient. As a PDE5 Inhibitor it stops Erectile Dysfunction by relaxing muscles in the penal area. This allows an unrestricted flow of blood necessary for an erection to be produced.

Studies have indicated that more than 50% of men worldwide have had issues with Erectile Dysfunction.

How do take Phallus Power 160mg:

For the best results chew on tablet of Phallus Power 160mg 20-35 minutes before sexual activity. And it is best to take with something in your stomach. Also, for full effect it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages.

What is a chewable tablet?

These are tablets which can be chewed as opposed to standard tablets which can only be swallowed.

Where can you order an extra strong Viagra chewable tablet?

You can order an extra strong Viagra Chewable tablet, Phallus Power 160mg at USA Services Online Pharmacy.

Why should you order Phallus Power 160mg from USA Services?

You can find the best prices online for the powerful Phallus Power 160 here at USA Services Online Pharmacy. You also have our 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

Reported Side Effects

While side effects are usually mild in nature, they may include: minor headache, stomach indigestion, soreness in joints and/or feeling dizzy. If any of these should persist please contact your medical doctor.

Who should not take Phallus Power 160?

You should not take Phallus Power if you are taking or have been prescribe any medicine containing Nitrates. The combination can cause a life threatening drop in Blood Pressure.

Also, if you have experienced a stroke, heart failure or heart attack do not take Phallus Power without prior approval of your Doctor.

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The Lotus Biotech is a global pharmaceutical trading company with a worldwide presence.

They manufacture a variety of products for Sexual Health. These include Phallus 110, Phallus 160, Phallus 210 and Vitalitey 25.


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