Risofos 35mg (Risedronate)


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Risofos 35mg (Risedronate)

Take for the treatment and prevention of that osteoporosis. Risofos reduces bone turnover and increased bone density. This increases the risk of bone fracture in the hips, vertebrae, knees and other bones. This can occur both Men and Post –Menopausal Woman. Risofos 35mg is also used by those taking steroidal medication and those with Paget’s disease.

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What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition where one experiences a decrease in bone density. The decrease in bone density causes the bones to become porous and greatly increases the risk of bone fracture. Hips, vertebrae, and knees are especially susceptible. Risofos 35mg (Risedronate) helps to increase bone density.

Bones are living tissue with constant cell reproduction and replacement. Osteoporosis is a condition that results in weak and brittle bones. The bones can become so weak that they may fracture form even the mildest stress. A fall, hard cough or even a quick movement may cause a fracture. The most common fractures caused by Osteoporosis are in the hip, back and wrist. Osteoporosis can also cause other problems such as loss of height due to curvature of the spine. These conditions are treated by Risofos 35mg (Risedronate).

What causes Osteoporosis

Bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding. In your youth your bone tissue is replaces much faster than it breaks down old bone tissue. From your 20’s on the process slows down. By your 30’s you have probably reached your highest level of bone density. As you continue to age bone tissue is loft faster than it is replaced. This decreases your bone density.

What are symptoms of Osteoporosis?

Unfortunately, there are no early signs of Osteoporosis. But once you have it there can be several symptoms, Including;

Fractures that occur very easily

Loss of height

Stopped posture

Back pain caused by unknown fracture of damage to vertebrae

How does Risofos 35mg work?

The active ingredient is Risedronate. Risedronate is a synthetic chemical which mimics the natural body’s natural process of bone repair and growth. It encourages natural growth of bone tissues and reduces bone cell reduction. This action makes bones stronger, more dense and less susceptible to bone fracture from Osteoporosis

While the tablet takes effect immediately it may take months for actual bone density to increase.

How to consume

Taken one tablet per week. Take with a glass of water, once a week on the same day. Please take them on an empty stomach in the morning. Wait 30 minutes to eat or drink anything after you ingest the tablet., with glass of water, on the same day each week in the morning on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything or take any other medication.

After you have taken your tablet either walk, sit upright in a chair or stand for a minimum of 30 minutes. Continue to take your tablets as long as directed to by your physician

Manufacturer: Cipla Pharmaceutical company

Delivered in Strips of 4 Tablets


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