Zhewitra 40 Mg (Vardenafil)




Zhewitra 40 Mg

Zhewitra 40 Mg is the generic brand of Levitra. It contains the same active chemical Vardenafil 40 Mg. Zhewitra 40 contains a double dosage of Vardenafil. We also carry Zhewitra in 20mg and 60mg dosages as well. You can buy the Vardenafil 40 mg dosage in Zhewitra 40 at USA Services with cheapest online price.

 What is Vardenafil?

It is the active chemical that is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is in the class of medicines called PDE-5 inhibitors. Other well-known medicines include Sildenafil, which is in Viagra. Also, Tadalafil which is present in Cialis.

Levitra and generic Levitra, are the best known medicines which contain Vardenafil. USA Services sells the generic version of Levitra in tablets and Jelly or liquid. We also sell generic Levitra products combined with Dapoxetine.

The chemical vardenafil, greatly increases blood circulation to the penis. You then achieve a firm erection which allows you to have sexual intercourse.

How does Zhewitra function?

Answer: It is the active ingredient Vardenafil

Like tadalafil and sildenafil, it belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitor class of active ingredients and works by controlling two key substances in the body. The first is cGMP, the substance responsible for creating an erection: it is an electronic signal to the brain to let blood flow to a part of the body, which produces an erection.

When you have impotence problems, PDE-5 is often overactive and the erection goes away faster than usual. With vardenafil, you will have longer lasting erections because it blocks the PDE-5 enzyme. This effect lasts up to several hours, depending on the concentration of the drug.

Zhewitra 40 is made to treat Erectile Dysfunction. It is double dose of Vardenafil. The active ingredient, Vardenafil allows muscle reaction and increased blood flow to the penis. This allows you to achieve an erection.

Why is Vardenafil so popular?

Two Reasons:
1. It has less side effects that Sildenafil and Cialis
2. It generally lasts longer in your system.

Does Vardenafil have any side effects?

There are instance where Vardenafil can have side effects. But they are generally mild and only last for a short time. They can be:
-Feeling of being light headed

What is Erectile Dysfunction, (E.D.)?

Erectile Dysfunction or E.D. E.D. is when you can’t gain or maintain an erection. ED is also called impotence, in men. It prevents men from having and erection and sex. This is very common and can be eliminated with Zhewitra 40.

How do I know what dosage of Zhewitra is right for me?

The correct dosage of Zhewitra varies on an individual basis. Many men opt for for the 40 mg Vardenafil dosage in Zhewitra 40mg. Factors include age, general health, and current medicines that you have been described. It is best to consult your physician on what dosage is best for you based on your individual needs.

Advisory Precautions

Only take Zhewitra on an as needed basis. If you experience chest pain, swelling of legs or feet, seizures or a pain during your erection, please consult your physician immediately. Do not drink Alcohol in excess while taking Zhewitra or any other medicine. And do not take Zhewitra if you are taking Nitrates, Antibiotics, antivirals or any other prescription medication without first consulting your physician

How to use a Zhewitra 40

You can ingest Zhewitra 40 with or without food. For best results take it one hour before sexual activity

Always consult your physician on a new medication may interact with your  prescription, non-prescription, vitamins, or herbal supplements that you are currently taking.

Why should you order Zhewitra 40 from USA Services?

We make ordering online easy and secure. You simply find the product that you desire and then easily add it to your shopping cart. Once you have found all the products that you desire you checkout. Then you choose your payment method and the ordering process is complete. And you can buy Zhewitra 40mg at cheapest online prices here. And with Free Shipping.

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Common Side Effects

Side effects may include, blurred vision, flushing, indigestion or Diarrhea.


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

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